It was another lovely day at the allotment today, in fact it was really lovely day as the group had a BBQ. The weather stayed nice for the most part with just the odd spot of rain at times.


Honey Harvesting

The harvest of honey is referred to as extraction, which typically takes place once a year.

Over the weekend honey harvesting took place at the BCV allotment. Happily the weather stayed fairly nice during the process and approximately 170 lbs of honey was extracted from the hives.


Rosliston Forestry Centre

BCV were back at Rosliston Forestry Centre today doing more meadow management work. It was another good turn out of volunteers and the result of their efforts was good too.

Happily the weather was kind to the group today and it remained sunny right up until they had finished working, at which point it started to rain. How lucky was that!

It’s off to work we go
Getting ready to use the strimmer
Sorting out a broken belt on the power scythe

Taking a break with an ice cream
Part of the finished product

Bramshall Park, Uttoxeter.

BCV were back at Bramshall Park in Uttoxeter today. It was another case of on with the waders and wellies and ‘off to work we go’ for another session of clearing the invasive Himalayan Balsam.

At first the weather was changeable to say the least and everyone needed to head for BCV’s make shift shelter when it rained. Later on the weather improved and it became quite a lovely summers day which dried everyone off nicely before leaving the site.

A lot was achieved today not just by BCV but also the fantastic turn out from the Friends of Bramshall Road Park.

Taking a break by the make shift shelter
Getting stuck in
And here’s what happens when nothing is done


St John’s Church Fete, Kingstone, Uttoxeter.

The Church Fete was based on a theme of the Earth and it was decided to invite organisations related to the environment, nature and waste reduction. With this in mind, BCV were invited along with other similar minded organisations like The Woodland Trust, Hoglets and Fairtrade Uttoxeter etc.

It was glorious weather for the fete and the BCV stall generated quite a bit of interest. So, it was a great afternoon which went down really well, oh and the ice cream went down really well too!

A fine pair of BCV volunteers
Lots of interest
The fete even had a violinist

A day at the allotment

The weather was wonderful and great for working at the allotment in Burton upon Trent today. In addition to tasks on the vegetable garden, other jobs were completed such as path clearance and repairs to a garden shed.

There were a couple of highlights during the day. One highlight was seeing the groups youngest volunteer working on his own little plot. The other highlight was watching the groups bee keeper show one of the volunteers around the bee hives.

The weather and lovely company made for a perfect day!